Dacia Duster


Introducing DACIA DUSTER

Rugged, robust, no-nonsense these are words to describe Dacia Duster. It’s a car to help you take on any challenge.

Because everybody’s different, The Dacia Duster concentrates on the essentials rather than the unnecessary. With five simple trim levels, three engines and a range of accessories, it’s easy to choose the Duster to suit you.

NEW for 2017....Top of the range Summit specai edition and the addition of a 4x2 Diesel Auto.....

Practicality and functionality are at the heart of Duster’s clever design. It can carry up to 5 people and has up to 475 litres of boot space to house their luggage. With the back seats folded down, Duster’s load capacity expands up to 1,636 litres. Useful? Thought so.

The design turns heads but there’s function behind the form, too. All versions come with ABS and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) as standard. Duster’s high ground clearance and wide approach and departure angles are designed to tackle difficult obstacles over tough terrain. Beneath the surface, a selectable 3-mode 4-wheel-drive system, developed using Nissan’s expertise, also provides grip where you need it most, off the beaten track or during hazardous road conditions.

Because everybody’s different, Dacia Duster concentrates on the essentials rather than the unnecessary. With simple trim levels, three engines and a range of accessories, it’s easy to choose the Duster to suit you. From the affordable Access, to the Luxurious Prestige and the new range topping Special Edition "Summit" version. There’s a Dacia Duster for everyone.

Engine info.....7 to choose from

 Fuel                                    Engine size (cm³)                  Top speed (mph) CO₂              emissions (g/km)†                         MPG (Combined)†

SCe 115 4x2Petrol              1,598                                      105                                              145                                                 44.1

SCe 115 4x4Petrol              1,598                                      104                                              155                                                 41.5

TCe 125 4x2Petrol              1,197                                      109                                              138                                                 46.3

TCe 125 4x4Petrol              1,197                                      110                                              145                                                 44.1

dCi 110 4x2Diesel              1,461                                      105                                              115                                                 64.2

dCi 110 4x2 AutoDiesel     1,461                                      105                                              116                                                 62.8

dCi 110 4x4Petrol              1,461                                      104                                              123                                                  60.1

Every new Dacia is covered by a standard 3 year / 60,000 mile* Warranty package. Under the terms of this Warranty, your Dacia dealer is able to repair or replace, without charge, parts that are found to have a material or assembly defect that is recognised by Dacia. Your new Dacia also comes with a 2 year paintwork warranty, as well as a 6 year anti-corrosion warranty.

* From first date of registration. Warranty expires on the first of the two limits reached.

You can choose to extend your Warranty to the following levels:
• 5 years / 60,000 miles* : £395
• 7years / 100,000 miles* : £850

Times have changed. Driving a 4x4 used to be the reserve of a privileged few. With Dacia Duster, it’s a pleasure more of us can enjoy. Priced from just £9,495 on-the-road, Duster offers supersize space for supermini prices.

Dacia's are quite simply shockingly affordable. 

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