Dacia Aftersales

To ensure that your Dacia is maintained to the best possible standard, having been a Renault dealer for over 30 years, and now new for 2013 a Dacia dealer, you can rely on us to provide the service that you require.

A full service history will not only ensure the continued reliability and your enjoyment of you car, it will also enhance it's resale value

Whether you need a Service, spare parts or accessories, our aftersales department is here to help. We use genuine Dacia parts and accessories.

We are pleased to offer our customers further peace of mind by subscribing to the motor industry code of practise

We will always complete all work as agreed, provide honest & fair services, provide open and transparent pricing, issue invoices that match quoted prices and we will not do any additional work without your prior approval.

                            •Fixed priced servicing
                       •Menu priced repairs
                       •All workmanship guaranteed
                       •While you wait servicing by appointment
                       •Courtesy cars by appointment
                       •Collection and delivery - Free in local area

You can find further information on the specific service's we offer below, or feel free to call us on 01728 830509 with your requirements.

  • From £144

    In the current climate, we all often need to look to see where we can save money, but with your car this should not mean cutting corners.....Our current "Expert Service & MOT" Offer means that you can do both.

    Our skilled technicians will carry out our "Expert Service" including changing your engine oil* and oil filter and visually check over 25 other important items, including but not limited to;

  • Every vehicle on the road must kept it in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test ensures that road safety and environmental standards are met. The first MOT test for a car is required when it is three years old, and yearly there after.

    Items covered by the test include;

  • Having made a considerable investment in your new or used vehicle, you will obviously then want to keep it in tip top condition, not only to ensure it continued reliability, economy and safety, but also to protect it's residual value when it comes to changing your car again, and who better to look after your Dacia than the people who know it best.

    The service interval on all Dacia versions is 1 year or 12,000 miles, whichever limit is reached first. We are fully equipped to service your Dacia. Security and tranquility are the watchwords of Dacia servicing.

  • Latest Tyre News 01/11/12

    New European legislation came into effect on the 1st of November 2012.

    Throughout Europe, manufacturer or importer of tyres, have the responsibility of grading their own tyres according to a strict testing system. This aims to provide consistent, reliable grading so that consumers should be able to compare different tyres and brands.

  • For most people, your car will be the 2nd most expensive purchase after your house. It makes sense then, that you will want to keep it looking at it's best, inside and out.

    Having your car regularly cleaned will enable fresh small chips & scratches to be spotted and dealt with before they become a bigger problem, and will also help to maintain your cars value

  • Although often over looked during the not so sunny days in the UK, Air conditioning is another part of your vehicle that needs routine service to ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively.

    Over a period of time, especially if not used regularly, the refrigerant gas (which also carries the lubricating oil around the system) can leak out. Smells can come from the A/C, which is basically a build up of bacteria in an unserviced system, and due to the extra load required to run the A/C you fuel consumption could also be affected.

  • In order to get the maximum performance, low emmissions and all of the technical specifications which we all now expect, manufacturers have had to turn to a level of technology previously only found in the likes of F1.

    Complex electronic systems now control engines, gearboxes, braking systems, air conditioning systems, in car entertainment, navigation systems etc.

    A magnitude of sensors constantly monitor various parameters, which a computer checks and then adjusts to suit.



    Original Equipment (OE) parts are factory original, Dacia parts.

    All OE parts are purpose-built to meet the exact specifications of your Dacia vehicle, meaning you are guaranteed a first time fit, saving you valuable time, as well as;

    • 1 year unlimited mileage warranty
    • Original safety levels maintained
    • original performace levels maintained
    • original comfort levels maintained


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